The Smart Cities concept is getting more and more present and necesar in our urban lives. This is why, with our partners we are bringing the topic even closer to the future users, to the administrations and to the companies which could offer solutions in this field.


With this occasion we are getting in a even stronger dialogue about how we could really activate the topic at a local and at a national level in a collaboration with agile local and national administrators.

The panels of the Smart City Forum previous edition focused on:


  • representing the local and regional efforts made by the local administrations
  • identifying and learning about solutions existing in this space
  • building partnerships between administrations, solution providers, and startups
  • understanding furthers how we could work together: administrations, companies, facilitators, architects and urban planners, entrepreneurs, universities
  • working together with urban planners, ecosystem facilitators, energy actors and real estate developers on innovative projects for the cities inhabitants


With this occasion, we initiated the process of bringing Romania in the family of Open & Agile Smart Cities by inviting three other cities to join forces in RO Chapter.

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