It is said that gamers tend to stay indoors, far away from the real world. We don’t really believe this myth, but we believe in socializing. This is why we are organizing Gaming Night, at ClujHUB Central, an all-nighter event where gamers can meet, greet and do what they do best, play.

Available devices:

*A few laptops. But if you enjoy your own device, feel more than free to bring it. We highly recommend it.

*Video Game Consoles & Games. But, if you want to play that specific game that you’re rocking at, bring it over.

*Free wireless.

At the gaming night you also have the opportunity to test and play the three winner games of the Game Jam at Clujotronic 2017: Mayor Rush, 8am, and Traffic Boriz. They were developed during 24 hours and the given subject was traffic jam
Winners of the Game Jam @ Clujotronic 2017
Mayor Rush (Developers: Ștefan Georgescu, Alina Cristiana Popescu, Silviu Ivașcu)
8am (Developers: Eke Péter, Spoială Ana)
Traffic Boriz (Developers: David Dugan, Daniel Cioban, Ioan Cornel Tămaș)

No competition, just fun!

Mark the date: Saturday, November 4, CluJHUB Central, starting 8 P.M.

Register here and play on!

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